Dreamy Antarctica

Let's travel to Antarctica

where secrets will unfold.

We'll soak in an adventure

while delighting in the cold.

Would you like to go on an Antarctic adventure? Would you want to watch cute penguins play winter games? How about an iceberg escapade? Yes? Then this is the perfect book for you!

Written in rhyme, this story will take you on a wildly imaginative trip to Antarctica. But at the same time, it will give you some interesting factoids that will help you learn more about Antarctica.  

Bonus: Fun-filled Antarctica themed worksheets

The Pari and Kayal Adventures

Saved by Sid

This is an enchanting tale about the power of kindness and friendship, and the importance of not judging people or situations instantly.

The loving sisters, Pari and Kayal , are unaware that they are going to embark on their first-ever adventure . They go camping with their parents to a beautiful campsite surrounded by a lush green forest. As they walk through the forest, they hear a lovely voice whistling softly. They are very curious and immediately start following the voice but land in loads of trouble. Whose voice was it? How do they get out of trouble? Do they get to learn some important life lessons ? Read on to find out.

A Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner!

© 2020 by Maya Sara Karthik

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